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Congress Funds CRH

Senator Schumer’s support (and ours at made the difference.



Combat Rescue Funding In Peril – Again
 The USAF is ready NOW to procure its new Combat Rescue Helicopter fleet – designed to bring our downed Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors and Marines home safely.Yet a battle looms. Sequestration and budget issues may drive our Congress and Secretary of Defense to once again cancel this approved USAF program.With immediate support of all veterans and concerned Americans, we can ensure internal budget fights don’t end this new USAF fleet and put our Warfighters at risk.



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18th USAF Chief of Staff Gen. M. Moseley Speaks Out

“No single capability is as important to US forces achieving the ‘golden hour’ in recovering injured US and allied personnel from the battlefield as the Air Force’s rescue forces. The capabilities that will be provided under CRH will ensure our sons and daughters who serve our country in war will not be left behind.”    

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One Cut We Can’t Afford,
Aug. 20, 2013  


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